Friday, January 11, 2013

"Fix it! Quick!" or Public Beta??

You know how it is, when you think something is going right, and you kind of even forget about it because you assumed it was going right?
Then you stumble across it totally serendipitously and realize that it is, in fact, not going right at all?
I'm there.
I was dinking around online, checking out tweaks on a different blog platform than I'm used to, figuring things out with a friend who is setting up a new blog, and now I'm finding that my rss feeds aren't doing what I thought they were, my delicious feed is all wonky and cluttered up, and I don't remember how WordPress works! (I kind of never knew- that's why I left them for Blogger)

Now I have two options. Stay up all night (and miss time with my Superman) figuring things out and fixing them; or remembering what I'm learning about "Public Beta" and relaxing tonight with Superman and figuring it out slowly over the next little while when I can do it without neglecting anyone important..

Guess which I choose?


  1. oops...hope you picked superman. thanks for your help!

  2. I absolutely picked Superman! As evidenced by my still-wonky delicious feed and other "beta" presences!
    It's really becoming a huge thing in my life: to accept beta and not wait for perfection... I'm finally learning that if I wait for perfection I'll never do anything. I'm still working on being ok with beta- it's a pride thing :0P
    Please don't be sorry- I had a choice and enjoyed my time with you! sorry I wasn't more help!