Thursday, January 17, 2013

What Do You Think?

Someone else wrote something pretty close to what's been rattling around in my lil ole brain lately

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  1. I do think that I am in board with that perspective, but have trouble pinning down exactly where I lie, because I don't know what all the words/labels mean any more! I've been struggling with what to make of folks that have declared membership in any religion, especially Christianity. I have never felt comfortable putting myself on the membership roll of any church, and have been wondering of late if I can even claim "Christian" as a title, since so many people use it differently... religiously. I might say that considering yourself a member of ANY religion (even Christianity!) can be a detriment to following the power of Christ. So... I guess I do think that following Christ is possible for all kinds of people. We all start from somewhere; what matters is where we're headed, not semantics. I would perhaps go a little further and say, not just that religious conversion is not required, but that religion itself obfuscates the power of Christ to those that are inside it. So it's not just that Christ is bigger than religion, but that religion in any form is at odds with Christ. At least, that's what I see at present. I need to reread some gospels :)