Tuesday, May 21, 2013

New Things Happening!

I've been SO over-committed lately...
I know better than to get in that predicament- usually.
But sometimes, things just coincide, and you have to grit your teeth and hang on tight and get through it.
The things that have had me stretched so thin are all good things, things I didn't want so say "no" to, things I still don't regret saying "yes" to, even though it did make things chaotic for a while.
But I'm glad (it looks like) things are slowing down!
Because now I can start something new that has been staring me down from it's place on the back burner!
I've been tinkering around with ideas for products for my store, and itching to dig in and make it the bustling place I know it can be, but just couldn't work on it!
A few of the things I'll be adding in the coming weeks are:

Etched Glassware
like these, also available with custom personalizations 

Reclaimed Wood Wall Art 
inspired by these


and Vinyl Wall Decals 
like these!

So keep an eye out here, and at my store, and don't miss these great things! 

Also- be ready for an exciting new product to be introduced tomorrow! One that comes with the added bonus of my being married to a Master Electrician with an eye for creative art!


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