Thursday, May 16, 2013

What's In A Word?

Sometimes the word "bomb" can mean something bad: like you "bombed" a job interview or an exam in school.

::Sometimes it means something really really bad, which I won't even touch here because of the magnitude of pain caused to huge numbers of people.::

Sometimes it can mean something really good, as in "bomb-diggety" or "the bomb".
Tonight, supper was NOT the bomb-diggety.
I just bombed grilling fish. I know better. I've done better. Just not tonight.
But my family IS the bomb diggety! No one said a word, we just all filled our bellies (do we really comprehend the luxury in that thing we get to do several times a day??), talked about our day, and about our plans for tomorrow and the weekend, and chose a bedtime story.


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