Thursday, May 30, 2013

DECOMPRESSION (or: If You Want To Get To Know Me)

This ought to be required reading before meeting me:


I personally tend to "go nonverbal" before I say harsh things, but sometimes the harsh things are the first things I say on the way back to verbalizing.
Otherwise, this post is awesome at describing the way things feel, especially the description of feeling soundwaves- sometimes I feel bombarded by them!
For me it's not always "intense" situations that can bring on this deep need for decompression. Sometimes it's just a friendly gathering or a trip to Costco.
The writer and I have connected on Twitter, and I am just amazed at the way she is able to write so clearly about what goes on in my head and how I respond to things. She's referred to me as "her other hemisphere" & told a friend that "we're connected at the corpus callosum". I think she's onto something. :0)
Seriously, if you're interested in Autism, Asperger's, or are the parent of an autistic child, her blog is one of the ones I highly recommend reading. She's great at giving NT people "a window into" the Autistic Mind.


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