Thursday, June 14, 2012

I Need Your Help :0)

Meal planning is always my weakness, and working it around all the food allergies we have makes it even more daunting sometimes. Now I'm adding in *more* limitations! scaredy 
It's starting to get pretty warm where we live, and we don't have AC, so I like to avoid heating up the kitchen with cooking. I use the grill a lot, and we have a 2 burner camp stove that I use outside too. I'm about 7 1/2 - 8 months along with this pregnancy ( I never can keep track!) and am often SO hot and tired by evening that cooking just looks totally undesirable. I have a few crock-pot meals that I can make, but they seem more like cold-weather food (like chili and things) and my family doesn't eat hot food all that well when we're all so hot anyway. (savings on the food bill, eh?)
I had the bright idea of serving mostly cold suppers this summer, that will get me out of cooking AND give my family more refreshing food to enjoy. Then my brain went dead embarrassed 
I personally would be a happy camper with a salad and some yogurt every. single. evening. But the rest of my family likes variety and MEAT!
So, do any of you do cold suppers often? What are some ideas for serving cold suppers, besides salad, pasta salad, and yogurt and fruit? 
Don't worry about thinking of things that aren't allergy issues, I can usually substitute pretty well...
and thanks for any ideas you can share!


  1. cold cut wraps are great. you can go only as far as your imagination! I like to cook a variety of things on one day and freeze portions for later. My favorite is to portion taco meat and then just microwave it when I need it. Here are a few links that I like:
    hope this helps, bon appe tit!!

  2. Just had some thoughts this week! Probably the heat is inspiring.

    We made some gazpacho soup without the soup (i.e. tomato juice) recently. It was really good just to eat, or to scoop up with tortilla chips.

    Also, vinegar-based (with a little mustard) potato salad. You still have to cook the potatoes, but it's cold going down. :)