Friday, July 6, 2012

Bathroom Cleaner

I'm definitely a DIYer. Always have been. I've always wondered why people buy things, rather than do / make them. But, I'll admit, there are some things that even my rabid DIY-ness wouldn't mess with.
Well, actually I did. 
But it sent me scurrying back to the old tried-and-true storebought.
Bathroom Cleaner. 
I tried what "everyone" raves about:
and Vinegar mixed with Lemon Juice.
and Vinegar, Lemon Juice, and Baking Soda. 
Each time, I was frustrated and disgusted, threw away the concoction and cleaned the bathroom again, right. With Scrubbing Bubbles and/or Bleach.
Each time, I decided I'll keep on DIY-ing in other areas, but I'm not messing with bathroom cleaner. 
Then I'd hear someone raving about a new vinegar concoction and I'd try it again. 
Rinse and Repeat.
on this last repeat, I've actually found a DIY mixer-upper that cleans the tub better than my faithful old Scrubbing Bubbles! (I still use store bought stuff on the toilet & floor)
I'd seen it on Pinterest (example here) quite a bit, and as I was disgruntled and tired of all the fantastic claims about vinegar that I just don't buy anymore, I didn't even look at it for a while. But it kept popping up, and it does contain one of my other favorite cleaners: Original Blue Dawn. So, I sighed, and broke down and tried it, knowing it was going to nag the back of my mind until I did.
Boy Howdy, am I glad I did! It is definitely the most effective soap scum remover I've ever used! CLR, Tilex, what-have-you not excepted! 
It does smell strong and gross while you're spraying it, so much so that one of my children made the trip upstairs just to ask "WHAT is that horrible smell??", but it does go away quickly, within an hour. Probably even faster if you have an exhaust fan in your bathroom. We don't.
It's simple to make, simple to use. 
image credit: here on pinterest

The recipe is simply equal parts of Original Blue Dawn dish soap and Vinegar. 
Warm the vinegar in the microwave, squirt in the Dawn, and gently shake/swirl to mix (it is dish soap, and you don't want suds in your bottle!). 
If you didn't mix it right inside a spray bottle, pour it into one now. 
There - part one is done.
Now to use it: 
Spray it on.
Wait (while waiting clean the rest of the bathroom).
Wipe it off (preferably with a microfiber cloth - I'm hooked on those!).
Rinse if you want - I did, just in case I missed a spot wiping. Don't want anyone slipping & falling! 
Voila!! Squeaky clean (seriously, I mean squeaky clean) tub! And that's saying a lot for this old house!
I love our house, but it is old, and it's a rental, so it's had a lot of rough usage. 
So there you go. 
A peek into cleaning my bathroom. 
I know you were wondering. 

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  1. Great idea! I had the same experience with vinegar and lemon juice, and my cleaning standards are pretty low ;). I still haven't gotten on the microfiber bandwagon. Probably because I hate cleaning so much, that if I got the microfiber cloths, I'd have no excuse except to use them.