Tuesday, July 29, 2014

I want YOU to create my next product!

I'm really getting into vinyl wall decals over here...

I've been adding them to my store, one by one. Right now, I have inspirational quotes. I have visions and plans for silhouettes and designs, but for now I'll keep rolling with the quotes.

Tonight, as I posted a new one in the store, I was thinking over the story of how this one made it into my design software. That started me thinking of the stories of how the others made it in.

And THAT gave me a great idea! I know that YOU have stories and quotes that remind you of those stories and the meaning they carry for you. I want to help you to have those, in beauty, around you to inspire and encourage you.

So, here's my offer: Figure out what quote YOU would love to have as a wall decal. Head over to my store, and click on "Custom Quote Wall Decal", choose the appropriate size and color, add it to your cart, and check out. In the check out process, you'll have an opportunity to leave me a note. Type in your quote that you'd like me to make into a wall decal for you. After you complete your checkout, start finding where you're going to put your decal, because it will be on its happy way to beautify your home!

This vinyl is safe to apply to most painted surfaces, as well as wallpaper, glass, and plastics. It stays on well, even when exposed to water, and is easy to remove without damaging surfaces. The decals come ready-to-apply on transfer paper. Just peel off the protective paper backing, press firmly on a freshly cleaned surface, and remove the transfer paper! Ships with specific, step-by-step detailed instructions.

I'm so looking forward to seeing what you want- If you like, you can also email me the story behind your quote and it may be featured here on my blog and linked from my store!


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