Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Barrel Lights!

Ah, the benefits of children who go valiantly traipsing through the woods, searching for (& finding?) their Narnia.
Our children braved thorns and vines, stumps and fallen logs, and the ever-present possibility of meeting up with a snake or poison ivy and discovered a ramshackle old barn just across our property line. They could see inside that it was filled with old wood (pulled up hardwood flooring and ripped down old wood siding and other similar stuff), and knowing that I like to try making things out of stuff like old pallets, they came tearing home to tell me about it. 
After I walked with them and took a peek, it did look like a treasure pile to me! After some hunting and calling, I got ahold of the rental property management company that takes care of the property, explained the nature of the crafts I like to do, and set up an agreement to use the contents of the barn.
These beauties are one of the first finished products out of our explorations!

(forgive me- I'm a mama and maker, not a photographer!)

These are pendant lights, ready to be installed. 
Made from reclaimed vintage wooden barrels and fitted with two "Edison" style bulbs.  
The canopy is a beautiful, oil-rubbed bronze finish, and the aged patina of the barrels was carefuly maintained as the lights were crafted and the strength of the barrel reinforced.
They are designed so that the distance they hang from the ceiling can be adjusted at installation.

You can order these now at my store, for $225 plus shipping (unless you're local).

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  1. What a find! I think every kid dreams of finding treasure (don't they? I could have been weird) Beautiful idea.

  2. All mine sure do! And they feel *so* proud that their treasure might really turn into spendable $, as well as giving us the fun of building and creating!