Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Our Weekly Rhythm

I've finally got a daily rhythm down that WORKS.
(Yes, I said "finally" even though I have 8 children)
It took me WEEKS of work and thought to whittle my expectations for a day down to 24 hours.
I read this post, and thought, "Well. I'll write down a rough idea of what all I do (er, try to do) in a day, and add up the time spent and see how much spare time I have, because since I can't fit in all the reading and crafting and playing with my children and other things that I want, then I must be wasting copious amounts of time in utter frivolity."
My first attempt came up at 28 hours on the light days, 32 on the heavy ones.
Another day, I'll share with you  my steps from there to here.
Today, I'll show you the weekly rhythm we're trying (& liking!).
(Hint: backing off and looking at the weekly rhythm before the daily is a bit of how I whittled my day down to 24 hours)
I saw this online somewhere and snapped a screenshot of it and moved on, so I can't give credit to where I got it, but if you know where it is, let me know and I'll gladly put a link here!

Mondays: Make Something Monday
We do a craft, or even just build a really great train track in the living room, or (like last week) have sewing lessons... Make something.
Tuesdays: Time To Read Tuesday
We either go to the library to trade for "new" books, or we pile up all over the living room on couches and bean bags and read the library books we do have. This is separate from reading lessons and literature class in school. This is recreational reading, cozy, fun, and with a snack.
Wednesdays: What's Cooking Wednesday
Each child has a day of the week that is "their" day, and one of the things they do on "their" day is to be my sous chef. For What's Cooking Wednesday, we all cook something together, either supper (something new or special) or we all bake a sweet treat together.
Thursdays: Thoughtful Thursday
This one I hesitated about, only for a millisecond, out of habit. For so long, I would've scoffed at this, and sanctimoniously told you that I teach my children to be thoughtful every day. Ugh. I'm sorry. Now, yes, I try to teach my children every day to be thoughtful. But I do see a value in setting aside a time to be deliberate and intentional about it. It reminds us, because, let's face it, we are selfish and forget easily, even though I want kindness to be a habit for us all. And I think it will inspire some creativity and "special" acts of thoughtfulness when we know it's coming every Thursday.
Thoughtful Thursday.
Moving on to:
Friday: Somewhere Fun Friday
This one's kind of easy, as there is a sweet mama-lady who heads up a playdate for lots of other sweet mama-ladies that I amm getting to know. We change that up every so often with other things to cater to different ages, so eventually everyone gets a turn to do something that's not so fun for them for the sake of someone older or younger, and everyone gets a turn to do something that is really fun for them.
So there you have it: our weekly rhythm.
This is all in clay, not concrete. I am not perfect, and we don't do perfect here.
I am (slowly) learning not to try to do perfect.
In the words of a lovely friend of mine:

"I am too busy for perfect. I'm just hoping shooting for happy."

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  1. I love it! Blank spaces, yet with a purpose. More intentional and less haphazard seems like a dream to me...