Wednesday, May 2, 2012

How I Know Summer Has Arrived

My hot-glue sticks stuck together in my hand.
and to my hand.
It's warm.
Today, we're getting the sprinkler out. Mostly for me.

Because while the children ask (a lot) for the sprinkler, once I get it going, they're all reluctant to actually get wet. I'm not sure if it's a sensory thing, or a this-is-too-weird thing, or if they're just not as hot as they thought they were before the hose-cold water hits them, but no one has ever really played in the sprinkler.
But these days, I'm already feeling the heat.
I'm glad for it, don't misunderstand me, because even though I love the North, and call it home, and can't wait to go back, I'd still rather be hot than cold. Nonetheless, today, around 3 or so, you'll find me in a lawn chair, with a cold drink, enjoying the intermittent soakings from the sprinkler.
Not for long though, as I have some project supplies to pick up, the kitchen and dining room to give their weekly cleaning, school to teach, and a soccer practice and a soccer game to chauffeur/attend. (besides the laundry-dishes-cooking-diapers-training norm of every day (0: )
I have lots of helpers though, and we've already gotten 3 fans cleaned and ready to place, 3 loads of bedding washed and hung, and a section of the meadow mowed for my daughter's new dog. We're definitely earning our sprinkler time today.


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