Thursday, March 15, 2012

This quote has been running through my mind today

It's a concept I've grasped in the last year or so.
Often in a specific concept (marriage, housekeeping, child training, school...), but I am broadening my scope to realize that it really applies to all of life.
Understanding this,
accepting this,
realizing that this is true
is setting me free in so many ways.
To discover just what my life really is, instead of being disappointed in what it isn't.
To have courage to "just do it", without being crippled by the fear of how it might not turn out.
To give my children the same freedoms.
To extend grace to others who are on the same journey, making the same discoveries. Or not.

"Sometimes, what messes our life up most -
is the expectation of what life is supposed to look like."

Thanks, Ann Voskamp, for putting it into those concise words. 


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