Thursday, March 15, 2012

I need to change my schedule

Right now, my time slot for blogging is in the morning. I have it placed so that I can only blog if I get up and do my #HelloMornings on time. It comes after all my "need-tos", and before the children wake up. If I sleep in or am sluggish, or left too much undone the day before, I don't get to blog. It's a good reward/consequences system that motivates me, but I'm discovering a downside to it.
My most inspired moments are at bedtime.
I can't count the times I'll be brushing my teeth or doing my nighttime stretches and be hit with something I want to put here. since I know getting to bed on time is a crucial part of my #HelloMornings, I resist the temptation to fire up my netbook and type it out, thinking, "I'll surely remember this and post it in the morning."
I can remember things overnight, like what I have planned for breakfast, whether we're going somewhere, a rough draft of the chores that need to be done, what we're going to try to accomplish in school, who has soccer practice... But I apparently can't remember the things that seem "really good to blog about."
Perhaps they're not all that good :0)
Be that as it may, it's unpleasant to wake up and know I wanted to write something, but not be able to remember what the something is.
So I think I'll do a little schedule shuffle, and, in an attempt to keep the reward/consequence/motivational aspect of it, I'll move blogtime to bedtime, with the caveat that I still have to be in bed on time. We'll see if that increases or decreases my opportunities to write here. :0)


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