Friday, February 17, 2012

Is This Seeing In A Mirror Dimly?

"In the image of God, look into that darkness and speak"
Speak beauty.
Speak Joy.
Speak Thankfulness.
Speak Peace.
(you can't entertain two emotions at once, drive one away with another!)
May I grow this way and walk on what I am beginning to  understand while there is still so much I don't?

My children do, there is much in life they don't understand, yet they live, not wait, in dormancy, until they know all. If that were the way it was, who would be active? Who would walk, stumblingly to be sure, but walking nonetheless?
Is this part of the leading of a little child? Is this part of becoming like a child?
Tottering, wobbling, slow one-step-at-a-time wavering walk?
I know it delights me to watch my children.
I know I don't begrudge my children their free, wondrous view of the fulness and wideness of life and the world, even when I know it's incomplete or flawed. I enjoy watching them learn and grow. i rejoice as they try their theories and see them succeed or fail, and adjust accordingly.
And Jesus said
(the only words in the Bible I trust right now- more on that later as I develop fully formed thoughts and the words to express them)
that God is our Father, right?
I've long thought that we were given parenthood and children to allow us a glimpse of that relationship, a weak illustration of the love of the infinite.
And so, may I speak, in His image, while His image is still so unclear to me?
And yet, maybe it's not.
So often we, knowing that Jesus is the face of God, the image of the invisible God, turn that around and try to make Jesus fit into what we have decided God is, based on the Old Testament and our own experience, or, worse yet, what a preacher has told us about him.
But, if Jesus is the image of God, why don't we look at Jesus and say "That is what God is like?"


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