Friday, February 17, 2012

Encouragement, Inspiration, and A Little External Discipline (For When Self Just Isn't Enough)

I've been spending some time over at this site, and I think you should too.
There are SO many good, clear-headed ideas there, things that you can really do, things that don't just look good and then leave you feeling discouraged because you can't really do them.
It's about simplifying, and what that really means, and what it really looks like (hint: it's different for each of us!), and ways to accomplish it without going all minimalist and ascetic (which actually sort of appeals to me, but that's just me).
It's about simplifying so that you can enjoy a full life, not simplifying as a goal in and of itself.
The only downside is that it has a self-contradictory side-effect: I spent all morning there getting inspired and motivated and encouraged.
Now- to go put shoes on it!
and, if you're weak like me and you keep on clicking the "you might also like..." links at the bottom (which I always do like!) here's a handy-dandy little tool that I may never surf the web without (except in dedicated "down-time" when I am free to dawdle away link-following and pinterest-browsing). In fact, I've made it my new home page!

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  1. By the way - credit goes to my little sister Leah for showing me this site in the first place!