Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Moving! (blog, that is)

After lots of dithering and whining and vacillating, I've decided to move my blog.
I'll be using WordPress, even though I still claim to not like the platform.
At first, I'll be using, then I'll switch over to a self-hosted WordPress blog.
Mostly this will be an educational venture for me. There have been too many times lately that I've been asked to help someone with their website and I've had to turn them down because I don't feel that I'm familiar enough with WordPress to be competent in helping others. If I use it myself, I'll have to learn it and get better at it!
I'll change this blog to be a reminder, so when you come here all you see is a reminder that I've moved, and the new address to change your bookmark or reader subscription to.
Then you can watch me fumble around as I learn to "walk" over there at my new place! :)


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