Thursday, August 21, 2014

Another Peek Into The Mango Tree

Suppers for our family of 10 are all prepared for the next week and waiting for me to pull them out of the fridge and cook them. This is my dirty dishes pile. If you don't know about, you should go there now. You're welcome :-) Earlier today I did lunches for the next week. My dish pile was similar. Tomorrow? Breakfasts. That one is a bit more messy though, it doesn't come from that site :-) This is one of the ways that a homeschool mama can keep up with things and enjoy her time with her children more. It's also one of the ways that a work at home mom or working mom can actually get things done and still feed her family decent food :-) How do YOU do it? #mom #food #HowDoesShe #MommyHelpNotMommyWar #blog #tribe


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