Sunday, August 17, 2014

Another Peek Into The Mango Tree

Woke up all kinds of grumpy & fighting it feels like a losing battle. Figured a few projects might clear me up. I think it's working! I think I've learned why projects like these and big jobs like mowing the yard seem to cheer me up. When I say this, I am NOT complaining about my children AT ALL. They are some of the greatest children anyone was ever blessed with. But they are "other people". Little people, even. They live, hence they make messes. So many times, it can seem like with each job I finish, there's a race to get it undone as quickly as possible. I sweep, they track diy or meander though with a sandwich. I wash dishes, they eat. I put away clean laundry, they play in the dirt. With things like mowing the yard, or building a shelf, or reupholstering furniture, they can't really UNDO that. I get to enjoy the fruit of my labor for more than three or four minutes. :-) It's really incredible, how the feeling of a job DONE can make you feel. #blog


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