Sunday, August 10, 2014

Another Peek Into The Mango Tree

This morning's pancake crew. around here, mealtimes go a bit wonky on Sundays. We have a late breakfast/brunch, a healthy snack in the afternoon, then depending on the season, we either have watermelon and root beer floats or chili and hot chocolate as an evening meal. I think family traditions are very important, and when you can combine family traditions with making less work you have a winner! One of my favorite things to think about (although it can be the most intimidating too) is what memories my children will have once they're grown. I don't necessarily think that each and every little thing we do matters a huge amount, although there will be specific memories that they have. I think it's more important to remember that the things that we do will all add up and have the effect on their memories of their childhood that the filters have in Instagram: giving it an overall warmth and tone and color. It helps me to "see" their memories in this way, and to visualize what filter I am putting over them day by day. Somehow that makes saying "yes" more easy, and helps me make better choices. #tribe #blog


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