Monday, July 21, 2014

Grain Free Pancakes!

One more effort in the quest for yummy grain-free foods (that are easy and cheap to make!).

A friend posted a picture on her facebook timeline, one of those that has a picture of food with the short simple recipe text right on it. I volunteered to test it out, because - why not? It looked good, simple, I had the ingredients on hand, and I'm curious!

The picture (sorry, I can't find it right now) had a stack of pancakes, and the words "Two eggs, one banana, mash, fry". Doesn't get much simpler than that when you're talking pancakes!

I expected the pancakes to have the texture of crepes with the high ratio of eggs to the other ingredient, and I figured they'd be kind of goopy and fall apart. I was surprised on both counts- they ARE "eggy", but not to the extent that crepes are. They're quite "pancake-y" as far as texture goes, they even LOOK sort of bread-y with holes and all. (Don't you love all my technical descriptive terms?)

They mixed up in a jiffy, I beat the eggs with a fork for a bit til they were a uniform consistency, then I mashed in a banana and kept mashing til the lumps were pretty much gone. I think that helped a lot,  as bananas get to be a pretty good binder once they're broken down. They fried up just like traditional pancakes, even holding bubbles and looking dry around the edges when they were ready to flip, and they browned beautifully, which is something I haven't been able to pull off in any other dairy free pancake.

The only thing that could be taken negatively about these is that they are SWEET! You will not need syrup! Which isn't really a problem since they're so moist, but if you eat pancakes as something to hold your maple syrup, these aren't going to be what you want. Otherwise they're a definite winner!

If I were going to do a bigger batch (this batch made 7 four-inch pancakes), I'd probably throw the bananas and eggs into a blender or stand mixer, but for one batch like this, a bowl and a fork worked just fine and kept the dirty dishes to a minimum.

So there ya go - one more grain free pancake recipe tried and tested :)


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