Sunday, July 27, 2014

I'm ready for the weekend! Oops, it's Sunday night…

Thanks to my friend Suzanne (who showed me this), I have most of this week's lunches made already. Such a relief! Tomorrow morning I will be dropping off some of my children for their first ever daycamp experience. Then I will take the others to the children's museum, and then grocery shopping. After that I will fix all of the suppers for the rest of this week. (Thanks again!) For the rest of the week I will be busy with seasonal cleaning, school for becoming a "real live" web designer, and making jewelry and vinyl decals for my store. Not to mention the all-important work of snuggles, hugs, kisses, giggles, and story reading. Oh yes, there's also quite a bit of paperwork shuffling going to be going on, as three of the children have leveled up to another grade in school. 
My dog needs a bath, my garage needs sorting, and my store needs all of the new items I have dreamed up to be added & clickable!
And I'd like to read a bit, and draw a few pictures, and maybe even paint some.
Is it the weekend yet?
I'm tired.

( for the record, I am NOT complaining. I am delighted with my lovely, busy life. It just strikes me funny sometimes, & I wanted to share that with you.)


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