Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Yep, it's cold! (Inside and Out!)

Winter is here!

Yes, it's **cold**. But it's a real, brisk, invigorating cold! Like I learned to love when I moved to northern Michigan. Here in the south, the cold bothers me more. It may be because I assume the south shouldn't be cold, but I think it's because it's a different kind of cold. Wetter, bone-chilling, depressing. 

When I popped on to FB this morning (just for a few minutes!!), people were posting "It's so cold here..." comments and stories. Everywhere. It's just cold everywhere. I saw pictures of frosty windows, sheets of ice inside windowpanes, bedside glasses of water frozen solid, and snowed-over cars that had to be pointed out.

I don't have any dramatic pictures like that, but I do have a "first", that never even happened to me when I lived on a bare, windswept hill in northern Michigan in a house that was built of square timbers in the 1800's and had almost no insulation. In that house, when the wind blew, the curtains fluttered, and when we put shrink plastic over the windows, the wind swelled it out till it split! BUT, the laundry never froze to the inside of the washer like it did this morning! I'm sure that's got more to do with the fact that our washer is in our unheated pantry than it does with actual temperatures, but it sure made me feel COLD! 

Today, to "celebrate" the cold, a lot of our school is on the couch, cuddling under fleece blankets, courtesy of the many science and history videos available on Netflix streaming and Amazon Prime Instant Video. And there will be no laundry to fold and put away, because the water pipes to the washer are frozen. Which is a vacation for now, but I'll have to hustle to catch up once they thaw, because laundry for 10 people isn't something you want to get behind on. And, we're doing diaper changes in the common area ("look away, kids!"), because the thermostat on the space heater beside the changing table bottomed out at 45*, and I'm not going to strip anyone bare and scrub them with a cold wet wipe in that! Call me a softie ;0)

So, that's our "it's so cold..." story. Nothing dramatic, nothing exciting. Just how I like it :0)

Are you keeping warm?


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