Monday, January 27, 2014

Quick! What's For Lunch?

Ever have that moment?

We've been playing and painting and enjoying this reprieve from the cold and all of a sudden I realize it's already past lunchtime and I have NO clue what to fix. And our cupboards are looking a bit Mother Hubbard-ish. Add to that my inexplicable dislike for just having sandwiches again for lunch, and I'm trying not to feel stressed about making good, yummy, healthy, lunch - quickly.

Enter what I call "back pocket standards". Those are the recipes that we almost always have ingredients for on hand, that only take a few minutes to throw together, and that are healthy and tasty.

I don't know what to call it, I never "name" my foods or recipes, I just throw them together and eat them. Chickpeas with garlic and rosemary, bread, applesauce. That's what I pulled out of my back pocket today. (Figuratively, of course)

I heated some oil in a large skillet while I peeled some garlic cloves, and minced them into the oil. After I tossed in some rosemary, I let it all soften and get delish-y smelling while I drained 3 cans of chickpeas. Once the garlic was beginning to brown, I stirred in the chickpeas, and let that cook while I pulled a thrifted loaf of sourdough bread from the freezer. Stirred the skillet again and popped the bread into the oven to thaw.

Got a child to stir the skillet every few minutes while I tidied up the kitchen and dumped the applesauce into a pretty bowl, checked on the bread (nope, not thawed yet. Back in to the oven it goes), called the tribe to wash up and set the table, then pulled it all together and sighed in relief. One more lunch crisis avoided :0)

Hoping maybe I'll inspire another harried mom when that moment hits. I'll share a few more "back pocket standards" soon.


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