Tuesday, July 16, 2013


Biscuits have been my bane.
Well, ever since 2nd grade, when that word got me out of the school-wide spelling bee. 
I still squirm at that memory. 
I KNEW I'd blown it, as soon as the letters left my mouth. 
I am a speller. That's what I'm good at. 
I don't know WHAT possessed me to allow the letter Q to leave my mouth. 
We never even USED Bisquik! (no offense to the Bisquik people, my mom just made her own.)


They continued to be my bane even after I recovered from the spelling bee trauma.
(mostly by winning another one by spelling a word that downed about 20 people in a row right before me)
I could NOT make them turn out right! 
My mom and granny were more than willing to teach me how, but their biscuits were made in the good ole way of eyeballing the ingredients, and using THAT spoon to measure. 
Didn't work for me.
I make most of my stuff that way, eyeballing & dumping (& driving my husband bonkers), but biscuits just won't cooperate.


I've found a way to make them that Works For Me, and it is adjustable- I can make any amount off of the one recipe. 
It works by ratio.
Here's what I have written on the oil stained, flour smudged index card in my kitchen. If it doesn't make sense to you, feel free to ask in the comments & I'll see if I can help :0)

Biscuits by Ratio
c flour : tsp salt          1 : 1/2
c flour : tsp baking powder          1 : 2
c flour : c shortening          4 : 1
c flour : c milk          4 : 1

Mix the ingredients in the order and proportions given, mixing dry ingredients, then cutting in shortening, then stirring in milk. Depending on whether you want to make rolled or drop biscuits, you may need to add more milk. (This recipe is for making rolled biscuits.)
Bake at 400 for 15 minutes or until done. 

Hope this helps someone! 

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