Friday, May 24, 2013

Things I Recommend Reading

Waaaay down there on the right is a list of links to articles titled
"Other Good Things to Read".
It also says "(regularly updated)" but that part's been an unintentional lie. It was a bit broken and wasn't updating, and I wasn't paying enough attention to realize it.
But now I've noticed, and fixed it.
Through the day, as I steal moments here and there to read things I find interesting, or follow rabbit trails and link trails, I'll post things there that I think are share-worthy and that I want others to read.
The list itself, here on the blog, will only contain the last 5 or so links I've posted, but right below the list is a link where you can find all the links I've ever shared this way, and below that is a link where you can subscribe to be notified of every one I post from here on out.
Or you can just check in regularly here.
Also-  don't forget to check out the many links to other blogs over on the right- it's really good stuff!

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  1. No bake breakfast cookies?!?!? I'm so there.