Thursday, March 21, 2013

Even More on the Idea of Public Beta

You know, like yesterday when I said this: "More on this idea of public beta. Either publish my rough draft, or never publish at all.
That's what it's come down to with me.
Because, as I am re- prioritizing, I'm finding out the *spending* time with my loved ones, rather than blogging perfectly *about* the time with my loved ones, is more important.
Part of what that looks like, is dictating blog posts as I drive down the road. And then, hitting publish without checking for grammar, punctuation, or spelling."
It's a good idea.
And I mean it.
That's how I want to blog.
When I'm offering to help someone with their website, or telling them that I can do the thing that they want. Telling them what I know about websites. About building them, maintaining them, making them nice.
Then my lovely public beta philosophy isn't quite so lovely anymore. In fact, it just might lose me some business.
So, HOPEFULLY, this weekend, I'll carve out a little bit of time to build a portfolio site to share with people. One that doesn't reflect my quirkiness, my enjoying changing things up, my Oops-my-child-needs-me-right-now-this-website-will-have-to-wait comfort with my own website.
That way, when I give them my business card, and tell them to get in touch with me, and they go see the site that's on the card, they won't see my mess of public beta, playing around, what-does-this-do?
(That's a hint for you, people that I gave my card to last weekend!)


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