Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Learning About Bedtime

I'm learning a lot lately.
Or else I'm zooming down The Slippery Slope to mediocrity and apathy.
I'm not sure which.
Of course, I know which I want it to be. I know which I think it is.
But really, who ever says "Hey, I'm falling down into apathy and inadequacy now, have a nice day!"
I want to share what I (think I) am learning.
One of the things that is making all the other possible is that:
Mamas have a bedtime too.
We (I) can't hang on to my self-image of the Energizer Bunny and accomplish all I set out to and be the sweet, happy, helpful, playful, fun, engaging Mama I am determined to be.
What that means, practically, is that:
Even though I feel like I had an epiphany today,
and ever though I feel like I am bursting at the seams to write it down to concrete it and make it real
(because, are things real when you don't write them down?),
and even though I always think of all the good stuff to write and all the good ways to write it at night and I can never remember just what and how I was going to say the next morning,
I. am. going. to. bed.
Right. Now.


right after I nurse Caedmon.

Hopefully I'll remember just what and how I was going to write in the morning.
After I get up at 5:30, drink my green smoothie, and do my workout.
I'm serious.


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