Monday, November 12, 2012

A (big) Handful of What I've Been Reading Lately ::Monday Musings::

I love that my phone gives me the ability to read almost anywhere. 
In the van while I wait to pick up my daughter from band practice. 
In the van while my toddlers sleep through my bigger children's soccer practices.
In my rocker while I nurse my baby.
In my gold velour chair while my husband and I unwind from a busy day/week.
At the kitchen counter while I wait for supper to finish, or at the grill before I turn over the food...

Sometimes I find in interesting to "zoom out" and look at the overall landscape of what I'm reading. I know for sure that I am influenced by the "tone" of what I read, and I choose what I read with that in mind. Sometimes more mindfully and intentionally that others- sometimes I only read what I admire and aspire to, others I read simply because it's not destructive. That second category I don't recommend a steady diet of, neither do I consider it "wrong" as I used to. Sometimes I read things that others recommend, sometimes I read things that I disagree with, sometimes I read things that aren't "me" to broaden my perspective. 

A whim hit me to share all of the open tabs I have right now. There have been many times I've found an article, post, story, or source that I really like or need through browsing others' links, maybe someone will find just what they need or want in my little pile. It's just possible that I'll try to do this every Monday; if I do, I hope I don't fall into reading or not reading things just because I'll be sharing Monday. (Do you put an uppercase letter after a semi-colon?? Someone tell me!)

So, here's what's on my phone this morning, left over from my weekend's reading:

So there you have it: my Monday Musings.


  1. No, you did that right--no capital after a semi-colon. You use a capital after a colon if the part after the colon is a stand-alone sentence, but if it's only a few words, you don't need to.

    I've been appreciating following your blog--lots to think about! God bless.

  2. Thanks Emma! That was one of those things that was going to bug me :0)
    Glad you're appreciating it. I really am enjoying finding out more about myself as I write it out. Sometimes I wonder if I'll lose friends with what I say (I think I have, actually )0: ), but I'm grateful for the growth and learning.