Monday, October 15, 2012

How AWANA and Children's Songs Are Misleading Our Children

In similar vein with my post on the Bible, here is a good article by a lady who is working through developing faith "out loud".
I appreciated the post as well as several of the comments afterward.
I also recommend clicking the link in the post and reading that too :0)
For the record, my children have never been to AWANA, & have only attended VBS once. I have some very mixed feelings about them having gone, and am working to remedy in other ways the things that led us to try it out this time.

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  1. I love how brave she is about starting the conversation! My parents allowed me to go to any of those things I wanted (I was never overtly pushed that I can remember). They would make themselves familiar with what was taught, and then talk about it as much as I wanted to discuss it. I can remember a few times where they preemptively talked to me about a topic BEFORE I got the official lesson. It was related to a topic that they had differences with, and wanted to be sure I understood ahead of time that there are other points of view. My parents never looked at church leadership as "biblical authority". I absorbed the perspective that we are all building blocks of the temple. I annoyed our last church group greatly with that perspective (they had some pastor-worship going on), but I am so grateful that I carried that away from my childhood.

    Was it healthy for me to be perpetually placed in situations of disagreement? I'm not sure. It was really tough at times. But it's a part of who I am.

    Hope you don't mind my putting my comment here. I felt like chiming in on Joy's post at this point would be like whispering in a crowded room.