Friday, March 23, 2012

Why I should always cushion my day's plan with some extra time

(Updated to correct posting problems that "ate" all but the first sentence of my post!)

This is the third time in less than two weeks that a certain little person has emptied a can of baby powder all over their bedroom.

Which also means its the third time in less than two weeks that I've failed to put it away. I guess we both need to learn.
The room smells nice though!

Today, I'm thankful for my husband's shopvac, and for a big girl who's willing to pick up all the ponytail holders, silly bands, puzzle pieces, scraps of paper, and what all else finds its way to the floor by the time weekly bedroom cleaning rolls around again, so that I can vacuum up the powder.
It's amazing where all that powder went. Of course, since it *does* go everywhere, I'm sure that some of what I'm cleaning up today is remnant powder from the "other" times. And, with the windows open and a gentle spring breeze blowing, most of our house smells powder fresh! Not my preferred method of making my home smell nice though...

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