Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Do All My Efforts Actually Make A Difference? (not my title)

I shared this with a friend today, over at, an thought I'd share it with you too! I really recommend going over there and reading her post, and then go back again tomorrow and read that one, and the next day... She's a really sweet gal with her eyes on the prize, and shares so clearly the path before her feet in such a "walk along with me" kind of way. :0)
Here's what I had to say in response to her post:
"It's always so uplifting and encouraging to remember that changing diapers, trimming nails, wiping sticky hands and faces, and yes - wiping up pee splatters DOES have eternal repercussions... I am teaching by example how to obey joyfully, how to "walk and not faint"... Oswald Chambers talks about the discipline of drudgery, about how the mountaintops and obviously "spiritual" moments/events in our lives don't express our true life with God as the simple everyday "dull" *walk* does. It's the walking without fainting that shows the glory of His power in us, more than the spectacular sprints"


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