Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Goal Watching and Accountability

I'm having a lot of "dreams" right now, about things I'd like to do (clean up the yard, brown-paper the bathroom, give myself art lessons, take a refresher math class...), and habits I'd like to acquire (exercise every day, play outside more, get up earlier, be more "regular" with homeschooling...).
I've found it helpful and motivating to keep track of at least the habits I am trying to acquire. I've tried a few online services, and ended up using Joe's Goals. It lets me specify which things I want to track, and whether "checking it off" is a good thing, or a bad thing (helpful in breaking bad habits). I get to assign a point value (or a negative value) to each thing, and whether those things are checked or not affects my daily point total. There are also graphs, which gives me a good visual of my progress. For me, it is turning out to be similar to the 100 Days concept, as far as seeing things accomplished and recorded over time, just without the waste of paper

That said, I'll probably go ahead and "waste" the paper to make the 100 Days Calendars for my children, so that they can benefit from self-motivation and seeing their progress.
I've put a small graph on the left near the bottom of my blog, so that my progress (or lack thereof?) is visible. I don't think it'll be much of a motivator for me, as I'm not "social" about things like this and have never wanted someone along "just because", but I did think it would be interesting and maybe show someone else a tool that might be valuable to them.


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