Thursday, October 13, 2011

How Did He Know??

How in the world did he know? 
He was at work. 
With big things. 
Costly things. 
Dangerous things. Electricity is a powerful thing, not to be toyed with on the back burner.
He wasn't here. 
He didn't hear the near incessant wail, from one then the other, of needy little ones, 
tired of their Mama being tired. 
Empty, needing their (empty) Mama to fill them with what she didn't have. 
He didn't see Mama go off into the coat room 
to cry her exhaustion and her emptiness and her shame at being so 
to the untidy pile of sweaters and dirty shoes so that the littles wouldn't feel bad about Mama crying.
But somehow he still knew. 
Knew that Mama is wrestling with a Big Ugly right now, 
a beast with more than one head, and one that, like the stories of old, grows two back where one is sliced off,
that just wipes her out when she fights back enough to stand up and look like she's not fighting.
some way,
to come home early,
call out the most coveted invitation uttered around here:
"Who wants to go with me?"
and to pile all the takers into the vehicle with him and trundle them off,
just exactly when the non-takers ask to go to bed with their blankets...
and gives Mama that precious,
most priceless,
most treasured
of Time.
Time Alone.
Time Unwatched.
Time Unneeded.
Time to just breathe.
Time to just be.
No Pressure.
No Answers.
No Crises.
No Smiles.
I can feel the healing.
Thank you, My Knight. 
Your armor does shine.

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