Thursday, August 4, 2011

Aaacccckkk!!! Why Supper Was Late Today

Whew!! It's been THAT kind of a day!
Who am I kidding... It's been THAT kind of a WEEK!
But that sounds complaining, and I really don't feel "complain-ey" at all. The above is said with a shaking-my-head chuckle and a gratefulness that things like this are the things that make THAT kind of day. We've got a great life.
This little Mufkin (yes, that's what we call her), is a speed-monkey when it comes to crawling. That, plus our lovely, beautiful, historic hardwood floors is a combination just begging for this kind of accident.
And of course, I, with my head full of book-learning and a mother with quite a medical background which she was glad to share with my ever thirsting quest for "more input!", panicked. :0p
I found myself sitting on the floor, beside the dribbles of blood spattering aforesaid hardwood floors, with blood down the front of my dress, saying "I don't know how to tell if she needs stitches!!"

Goober. I *knew* that cleaning the wound, butterfly bandages, and watching for infection were "what the Dr. ordered". I even told myself "That's what they're going to tell me." But I just didn't trust myself.
So I had my trusty daughter call my SWEETHEART of a DARLING friend Katie while I called one of the BEST midwives on earth and we both asked the same question and got the same answer.
"Clean the wound, apply butterfly bandages, watch for infection."
I love my friends! :0)
So all's well that ends well, and our little Mufkin is happily babbling and crawling fast already... Anyone know how to slow her down a bit??


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