Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Still chewing on Abram... & being humbled

Told you I'm embarrassed about going so slow! But I'm getting more out of it for all this chewing time, that I am :0)
This morning I had a lot of "Ooo! Ooo!" moments (you know the sound- when you're in 2nd grade or so and the teacher asks a question you know the answer to and it's all you can do to keep your bottom connected to your seat while you wave your hand wildly in the air... Yeah, *that* sound!)

So hang in there: I'm gradually shifting my priorities aright, and if I'm a good manager and trainer, pretty soon I'll have (a little) time to blog *every day*! gasp!
Then- oh fun- you'll have a window into my head...
Of course, now I'm thinking of all the talk I've heard about the narcissism and ego-centricity that the web, blogs, Twitter & Facebook bring to the surface, and I feel a bit motivated to say that my blogs are for *me* (& possibly my children), journals and records and scrapbooks in a medium of technology, not because I think I'm "all that" and that everyone needs to hear my take. You are welcome here though, just as you are welcome, when visiting my home, to page through our family album and view the pictures on our walls :0)


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