Monday, February 21, 2011

Prepare ye the way of the Lord

I was listening to this song this morning on the way to dropping Rena off at band... it's one I've been listening to lately... I don't listen to music often, maybe a couple of hours a week, since I hit sensory overload fairly quickly; once I do listen to something, I listen to it over and over, wanting to "get it".
This song is sobering,
a reminder of how we can't just jump on the bandwagon of "joining church" and figure it's all good after that, that we're "in": in Revelation, the message from Jesus **to the church** is to repent!
But this morning, as I was realizing the seriousness of the shortcomings and failings of us, the Church, and the NEED for us to repent (or else), I was so tremendously blessed by the realization that the call, in this song and in the Bible, is an *invitation* as well as a command!
We *can* repent! It's not just that we see our fallings and have to stay in regret and shame, He is calling us - inviting us- to repent! And to remember what repent means: NOT to regret and apologize, as we so often tend to think, but to **turn away and go in the opposite direction**! To STOP what we are doing and do the right thing instead.
I'm not getting into bare words the beauty and excitement I feel this morning; I hope you can take this little kernel of a thought I'm sharing with you and run with it. Let me know what all He shows you!


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